Residential permaculture plan, 2016
Backyard section
Frontyard section
Residential permaculture plan, 2016
Residential permaculture plan, 2016

Graphite and ink.

Overall mission/goal: to create a “homestead” model for small-scale urban permaculture design in Latham Park, which incorporates mid-century modern aesthetics and emphasizes connections between:  the homestead and the larger neighborhood; human and non-human community members; “inside” and “outside”; and public and private.   

• produce food both for the family and for animals (fruit, herbs, vegetables)
• manageable, low-maintenance
• artfulness and intentionality
• serenity, create an urban oasis
• community (with human and non-human)
• work with what’s here (least change, greatest effect!)
• deter mosquitos

• create a front-yard “victory garden”, public eating space, and a curb herb garden for neighbor foraging
• front-yard topiary plantings, for visual aesthetic purposes, artfulness/humor, and vertical gardening
• plants for pollinators (bees, butterflies, caterpillars) and wildlife habitat
• fencing/screens for privacy/improved view
• slow/catch water with contour planting, rainwater catchment, mulching, drip-irrigation
• backyard food forest with fruit trees
• conveniently located kitchen garden for herbs/greens/tomatoes
• fish pond for serenity and mosquito control
• strategically places gathering/sitting spaces
• incorporation of container gardening and appropriate hardscaping for mid-century modern aesthetic integration
• compost: for food scraps and chicken manure
• bee hives
• chickens / chicken run that has both warm, sunny spots, and cool/shady spots

Backyard section
Backyard section
Frontyard section
Frontyard section