2003-  Master of Fine Arts – Visual Design  University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Master of Fine Arts – Photography  University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Photography  Long Island University, Southampton, NY  Summa Cum Laude

Professional Development

2012-2017-  Certificate in Sustainable Building and Design   Yestermorrow Design/Build School, Waitsfield, VT
2014-2016-  Permaculture Design Certification   Instructors: Charlie Headington and Abbey Piner, Greensboro, NC
2012-  Workshop – The Work that Reconnects   Instructor: Joanna Macy   Stone Circles, Mebane, NC
2010-  Workshop – Contemplative Environmental Studies: Pedagogy for Self and Planet   Instructors:  Paul Wapner, David                    Abram, Richard Falk, Matthew Jelacic, Nicole Salimbene; The Lama Foundation, San Cristobal, NM
2006-  Workshop – Responding to Gesture and Bodies: Design for Physically-Based Interactive Art   Instructor:  Camille                      Utterback; Anderson Art Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO

G R A N T S  |  A W A R D S  |  H O N O R S
2017-  Regional Artist Project Grant   $1225   Arts Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
           Sustainability Faculty Fellow   Elon University, Elon, NC
           Faculty Research and Development Summer Fellowship
   Elon University, Elon, NC
2014-  Faculty Research and Development Reassigned Time   Fall semester 2014   Elon University, Elon, NC
2013-  Faculty Research and Development Sabbatical    Spring semester 2013   Elon University, Elon, NC  
2012-  Fund for Excellence Grant for The Living Studio   Elon University, Elon, NC
2011-   Faculty Research and Development Summer Fellowship   Elon University, Elon, NC  
Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Grant for The Living Studio   Elon University, Elon NC
           Associate Provost Special Grant for Elegies from the Medical Terminology Study Card Set  Elon University, Elon NC
           Promotion to Associate Professor   Elon University, Elon NC
Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Scholar Award for the project (Un)Common Partnerships                  for a Common Purpose: Focusing on Art/Science Relationships in the Study of Environmental Art   Elon University,                   Elon, NC
Sustainability Faculty Scholar   Elon University, Elon, NC
2007-  VPLAC Grant for the project In(n) and Out of Nowhere   Washington State University, Pullman, WA

2006-  Program Excellence Scholarship   Anderson Art Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO
2005-  College of Liberal Arts Initiation and Completion Grant   Washington State University, Pullman, WA
2002-  Master’s Fellowship for Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity   University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
            Joseph K Starr Scholarship   University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
2001-  William Stout Scholarship   University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
2002–2003-  Graduate Teaching Fellowship   University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

S P E C I A L   P R O J E C T S
Ongoing-  The Living Studio   Site-specific collaborative building project to turn a vintage Lord and Burnham greenhouse into                  an environmental/installation art project space; with Robert Charest, Michael Fels and Matthew Jelacic at Elon                          University, Elon, NC
2012–2014-  Arts West Victory Garden   Site-specific urban garden/”all life” community space; collaboration with Elon Art and                   Environmental Studies students, Elon, NC
In(n) and Out of Nowhere   Community public art project with ten regional NW artists   Cougarland Motel, Pullman, WA                  (Curator)
2003-  Waking from the House   Public art project with Colleen Choquette-Raphael, Joseph Stengel-Göetz, and the                                  Degenerates, Wilkinson House, Eugene, OR(Invitational)
            Metal Arco   Collaborative performance with Joey Bargsten, Millrace 2, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR                                      (Invitational)
2001-  The Airing of Dirty Laundry   Public art project with Alexandra Babbington and Tera Gambill, Eugene, OR

S E L E C T E D  E X H I B I T I O N S   |   S C R E E N I N G S  (*indicates solo or two person exhibits)
2017-  Gaze  Brooklyn Art Cluster, Brooklyn, NY (Invitational)
           Utopia/Dystopia   Gallery 2, Washington State University, Pullman, WA (Juried)

           Alone  Live performance/video, Greensboro Project Space, Greensboro, NC
2016-  Elegy*   Living Arts, Tulsa, OK (Invitational) 
           Lightweight   Weave Shed Gallery, Rabun Gap, GA (Invitational)
Ricochet   Single channel video/live music performance at ProMusica, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC
          The Greensboro Grapevine   Scuppernong Books, Greensboro, NC (Invitational)
2015-  Corpus Illuminata V   Tangent Gallery, Detroit, MI (Juried)
           Elegy*   Gallery 406, Elon, NC (Invitational)           
           Outlau   Single channel video/live music performance; European performance at: Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris,                                  France (Commissioned)
           Ricochet and If I’m Lost - Now   European performances at: World Saxophone Congress, Strasbourg, France;                                         Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris, France           
           Ricochet and If I’m Lost - Now   Part of STACKS DVD release tour.  Performances at: University of North Carolina                                   Greensboro; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Westminster Academy, FL; Georgia State University;                                 University of North Florida; University of Florida; University of Central Florida; Stetson University, FL;                                         University of Miami, FL
2014-  Ricochet   Single-channel videos/live music performances, North American Saxaphone Alliance conference,
                     University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Juried)
           If I’m Lost - Now   Single-channel videos/live music performance, University of North Carolina Greensboro                                          (Commissioned)
2013-  Reflections  Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA (Juried)
           Ricochet  Single-channel video/live music performance, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of North                           Carolina Greensboro, University of West Virginia, University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, Georgia                           Southern University, Columbus State University, and Middle Tennessee State University (Commissioned)

2012-  Palimpsest   Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC  (Invitational)
           University of Oregon Alumni Exhibition   Laverne Krause Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR  (Invitational)
           Biotic Semiotics   Allen Priebe Gallery, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI (Juried)
           Flora/Fauna   The Fine Art Center of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, AK (Juried)
           Watered Down   K Space Contemporary, Corpus Cristi, TX (Juried)
2011-   2011 Faculty Exhibit   Elon University, Elon, NC
2010-  Desire Line*   Site-specific work at The Lama Foundation, San Cristobal, NM           
           Photos With Words   Vermont Photography Workplace, Middlebury, VT (Juried)
           Focal_Resolution-1   Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY
           Going Digital   Foreman Gallery, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY (Invitational)
2009-  Ritual and Repetition   CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY (Invitational)
2008-  Gathered Bodies*   Riley Photographic Gallery, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (Invitational)
Salt, Silver, Wax, Earth*   Arts West Gallery, Elon University, Elon, NC
            Notturno   New Music Festival, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Greensboro, NC (Invitational)
            Mapping Meg Ryan*  
Light and Sound Gallery, Portland Art Center, Portland, OR  (Invitational)
            Mapping Meg Ryan*  Prichard Gallery, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID (Invitational)
            Data Poïesis  Anderson Art Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO (Invitational)
            Magnitude 7  Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (Juried)
            Ritual and Repetition  Richmond Center Galleries, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (Invitational)
            Notturno   Festival of Contemporary Art Music, Pullman, WA (Invitational)
Mourning Lightness*   1078 Gallery, Chico, CA (Invitational)
Focal Point Gallery, Minnesota State University, Moorhead, MN  (Invitational)
            Signals from/about Central-Europe II   
Keki Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Invitational)
            Reasonable/Unreasonable: A New Normalizing Discourse  
Ouch My Eye, Seattle, WA (Invitational)
            Loop Sanctuary III, Dreams in Bursts
Video Festival The Chapel and Cultural Center at Rensselaer, Troy, NY                                        (Invitational)
            Being in Body
Dee Shaw Gallery, Weber State University, Ogden, UT (Juried)
2005-  Empirical/Experimental   Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, OH (Juried)
            Convergence of Art and Science   Fort Collins Museum of Art, Fort Collins, CO (Juried)
            Mint   Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC (Invitational)
2004-  Szia | Viszlát / Hello | Goodbye   The Art Corridor II at Tarrant County College, Arlington, TX (Invitational)
            Washington State University Faculty and Alumni Exhibit   Hongik Museum of Contemporary Art, Hongik University,                              Seoul, Korea
            10th International Artist Residencies   Arkád Gallery, Balatonfüred, Hungary (Invitational)
            Document   Tixe Art Space, 113 W 42nd St, New York, NY(Juried)
            Faculty Exchange Show   Fina Gallery at Okanagan University College, Kelowna, BC
2003-  Tension and Release   Art Institute and Gallery, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD (Invitational)
            Women, Trauma, and Visual Expression   WomanMade Gallery, Chicago, IL (Juried)
            Containing Lightness*   Feldman Gallery, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR
            Exhibition 2003   Blackfish Gallery, Portland OR (Invitational)
            MFA Thesis Exhibition: Containing Lightness   Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, OR
            Points of View   Photographic Center NW, Seattle, WA; University of Sydney, University of Tazmania, Australia                                        (Invitational)
2002-  Fugitive Testimony   Solomon Fine Art, Seattle, WA (Invitational)
           MFA Thesis Exhibition:  Mutual.ities   Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR
2001-  Science Art Society, International Photography Exhibition   SAS Gallery, Boston, MA (Juried)
           On Perception   Laverne Krause Gallery, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
           To Form One Body*   Temporarily Maude Gallery, Eugene, OR (Invitational)
           Text/Context   Laverne Krause Gallery, Eugene, OR
           En Dérive   Laverne Krause Gallery, Eugene, OR
1999-  Untitled*   Nexus Gallery, New York, NY (Invitational)
           Photographs by the Next Generation: Young Portfolio   Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Kiyosato, Japan                                      (Juried)
           Summer in Shionoe   Shionoe Art Museum, Shionoe, Japan (Invitational)

1998-  New York International Independent Film and Video Exhibition   Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (Juried)
           Self Avram Gallery, Southampton College, Southampton, NY
           Southampton Master Artists Exhibition   Avram Gallery, Southampton College, Southampton, NY