Hovering between poetic interpretation and objective documentation, my installations over the last ten years have consisted of such objects as appropriated images from scientific texts, silver bubble wands paired with found insects, vintage medical terminology study cards, and samples of sediment juxtaposed with abstract landscapes. I have been primarily interested in the human urge to collect, objectify, control, and sentimentalize experience, and the seemingly persistent need to mediate our relationship to the present moment and to the natural environment. The role of specimens, mementos, and documents, in personal and institutional archives, has informed my work, which makes use of sound, text, object, and image to underscore the tension between natural and unnatural, truth and contrived reality, permanence and that which disappears. My practice has largely yielded gallery-based works, though I have created projects in such environments as sidewalks, empty storefronts, and hotel rooms. 

My work has been exhibited widely and includes such venues as Portland Art Center, Portland, OR; CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY; 1078 Gallery, Chico, CA; Anderson Art Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO; Living Arts, Tulsa, OK; Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati, OH; Fondation des Etats-Unis, Paris, France; and Keki Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.  I have also organized and curated public art projects and events, including a large scale work titled In(n) and Out of Nowhere at Cougarland Motel in Pullman, WA, which included ten regional NW artists constructing twenty-four hour site-specific installations in motel rooms.